Internet gambling providers advertise round the clock playing and other supposed advantages of online casinos to their customers. Apparently with success because the turnover with online gambling is increasing considerably.

Internet gambling attracts around the clock

What are “advertising arguments” for the provider side are more like “risk factors” for addiction experts. For example, the 24/7 availability of games of chance on the Internet accounts for a large part of their risk. And the “waiting times” mentioned, which can occur in real arcades or casinos, are actually a kind of “luck” for the players. They can “cool off” between games and regain their self-control. They are more likely to decide not to continue playing for the time being and may even go home instead.

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Online players, on the other hand, do not have to go home because they are usually already sitting there. This is another risk factor from the point of view of addiction specialists. The chance that a well-meaning person will point out excessive gambling or suggest quitting is extremely low if a player is sitting alone in the apartment. The experts therefore also speak of a “lack of social control”, which makes online gambling more risky.

Tips on how to deal with online gambling

With very few exceptions, gambling on the Internet is prohibited in some countries.

So-called “free games” are not gifts, but pure advertising material that is intended to tempt players to play with real money. Experience shows that this is often successful. So be careful if someone wants to “gift” you something online.

Anyone who plays on the Internet such as kubet casino should set their own limits. For example, by planning to gamble only a certain amount of money or by setting a time limit for playing yourself from the start. Anyone who finds that it is difficult for him or her to keep to the limits they have set themselves should seek support.

The increased risk potential of online gambling is also reflected in practice

The fact that online gambling providers are increasing their sales is also due to the fact that people are generally spending more and more time on the Internet. Many young people and adults regularly use mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets to play almost anywhere and anytime 24/7 internet access. Gambling providers take advantage of this by linking access to free and demo games on seemingly unsuspicious websites. There is often a sophisticated strategy behind this in order to ultimately sell paid offers.