Roth CPA is not an accounting or law firm. CPA does not stand for a certified public accountant; it stands for CASINO PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT.

Behind the Casino Biz

Are you aware of what’s going on behind those casino walls? Did you ever wonder where those chips are coming from or how they are being processed to be valued for a certain amount of money?

Of course, you are. And the answers to that questions are pretty clear, no need for a refresher. However, are you familiar with the entire accounting procedures of a casino operation? This goes out to all casino operators, marketers, enthusiasts, and players.

The accounting procedure of a casino is what keeps the operation alive.

Understanding Accounting in the Casino Biz

If you are planning on opening your own casino or even online casino, there are important finance, management, and accounting components and procedures you need to be aware of.

For example, are you familiar with the term “drop” in the casino biz and its meaning? Drop is what they call the total amount of money customers have to pay in exchange for casino chips.

Behind Roth CPA

Roth CPA was founded by casino businessman Dustin Kaur in 20 Wall St. Asheville, NC. Dustin started out as an analyst and paraplanner for casino businesses in North Carolina. He then moved to one of the US top gambling destinations, New Jersey to learn more about the business of casinos.

From there, Dustin expanded Roth CPA from a blog to a full-on online magazine educating and informing aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs in the casino biz. Do you want to talk to Dustin today? Contact him through our contact page.