In late November, Roth CPA will stage its first ever Casino Accounting Conference in the Garden State, New Jersey. It will be a two-day event and we are going all out. Here’s everything you need to know about the conference and how to attend.

Casino Accounting

The conference will solely focus on the components and procedures of accounting for the casino business. We are talking about financial management, revenue evaluation, accounting processes, ROI strategies, fixed assets, interest capitalization, payroll, incentives, and so much more.

We will also tackle a number of control issues affecting the casino/gambling industry.

Casino Gaming Entity

To further understand the accounting side of the casino biz, it is important to also be informed on the gaming side of it. In short, the gambling side where the main operation takes place daily and how this operation generates not only revenue but client loyalty as well.

We will also talk about the evolution of casino gaming all the way from the usual slot machines to next level online casino games and live online casinos. Under this niche, we will also tackle the reward system of the casino business.

We’ll talk about the chips, the tokens, the jackpots, and more. To sum it all up, we will answer the question, why do people continue to gamble? Or at least scratch the surface to that answer.

Elites to Speak

We have invited several key speakers and locators to educate and inform all participants. These professionals are all elites from both the accounting and casino industries. There is so much to cover so make sure you have taken notes.

Roth CPA’s founder Dustin Kaur will also take the stage and talk about the latest trends in casino accounting and will focus on the modernization and automation of it. We are still in the middle of securing more panelists and speakers so make sure to stay updated.

How to attend

There is still no final date for the conference, but we already have the itinerary in place. For people interested in attending, all you have to do is subscribe to our online magazine and an automated email invitation will be sent to you.

There will be no entrance fees for the conference as it is a free for all. We can’t wait to see you at the conference.