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Iowa's jailbirds top nation in tax compliance!

February 17, 2011

While prisoners nationwide "earned" over $39 million in fraudulent refunds in 2009, not a single illegal tax refund stimulated the Iowa prison commissary economy. USA Today reports that Iowa was the only state where no fraudulent tax refunds were issued to prisoners. Florida's felons, in contrast, made out like, well, bandits, raking in over $12.5 million.

It would be nice to think that Iowa's prisoners are just so darn reformed that they wouldn't think of scamming the IRS. That would be like thinking they were too busy tending their pet unicorns to steal. Apparently Iowa's cons don't have much internet access.

Vit The TaxProf.

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If you are so stupid to get caught and put to jail in Iowa you could not possibly have the smarts to steal from the IRS.

Iowa's law enforcement officers don't spend their days chasing geniuses, for sure. For example:

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