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One Million

July 05, 2010

While I wasn't looking, the Tax Update Sitemeter turned over 1 million visitors last Wednesday, just before noon our time.


It was somebody from Washington -- maybe one of our friends from the Tax Foundation? -- who apparently entered the site directly, and who stopped to look at this post about Homebuyer Credit fraud.

That's more a tribute to longevity than popularity, of course, as we set up the Sitemeter in 2003 (I think), after the blog had been in business for over a year already. We hit 500,000 on April 14, 2008. To compare, the TaxProf Blog hit 1 million visitors after 19 months, and after six years of operation has hit 10 million visitors. That helps keep keep things in perspective.

Still, it's nice that you keep coming. Whether you are a regular visitor or a Google or Bing referral, I hope you find something worthwhile here. Thanks for visiting.

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