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Because they're bigger than you

June 24, 2010

Tax preparer Robert D Flach has prepared tax returns with pen and ink his whole career. Starting next year, the IRS wants to require him to e-file his returns, which requires software. In an open letter to the IRS Commissioner, he expresses his unhappiness:

I do not see how Congress or the IRS can require me to spend thousands of dollars each year to purchase software to comply with this new requirement. And, if all tax return preparers are required to be registered, and all tax return preparers are required to submit returns electronically, there is no need for the additional step of becoming an Electronic Return Originator.

Will the Internal Revenue Service be providing tax preparers with a free method of submitting income tax returns online? Or will it force all preparers to choose to either purchase expensive, flawed software or request that their clients OPT OUT of electronic filing?

Remember, Robert, it's for their convenience, not yours or your clients, and they are bigger. That's all they care about.

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