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The Eagles were wrong. You can leave, too.

June 23, 2010

20100623-1.jpgIt's not enough for California to have ridiculously high taxes, or to hit tourists with taxes for just looking around. Now they may make drivers carry advertising on their license plates ("Call 1-555-LAWSUIT!"). They should make sure they do the front plates in mirror-writing, for the benefit of all of the taxpayers who are driving away to more sane states.

More from Peter Pappas.

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"SB1453 would let the Department of Motor Vehicles explore the issue with companies that make the devices, and with the California Highway Patrol."

It's a payout to some donor/relative who runs a technology firm. Several million dollars later, they'll report what we already know--existing technology is insufficient and/or flashy thingies in traffic is dangerous.

My planned date of departure from the not-so-fine state of California is September 1st. It only took 11 years. Screw this, I know a sinking ship when I see one and honestly am looking at moving back to Milwaukee over putting up with this crap one day longer.

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