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ACORN: for non-wimpy tax advice!

September 11, 2009

ACORN: Helping underprivileged pimps cheat on their taxes while enabling white slavery:

In the process of finding a "tax code" the ACORN Accountant advised them not to file taxes if they wanted to get around paying them. The tax code they found was one of an “entertainer”. Soon thereafter, the boyfriend states that they want to bring up some very young girls from El Salvador to “learn” how to do what he and his girlfriend did, which was very clearly admitted to be prostitution. These girls were going to be illegal aliens as the tape shows. The ACORN representative even suggested that they could claim at lease some of them as dependants and get a child credit for them.

And you thought ACORN was just about browbeating bankers and stealing votes.

Video here. More here.

UPDATE: The TaxProf has more.

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