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Finally, tax increases that will hit Congress

May 21, 2009

Congress seems dead set on doing for your health care what it is doing for the auto, banking and housing industries, but it needs more money to do it to you. Among the policy items up for consideration:

- Capping tax-free employer health benefits.

- Soft drink taxes.

- Tobacco taxes.

- Alcohol Taxes.


This will put the taxpayers in the perverse position of needing to risk their health to pay for health care. But there is one comforting thought: alcohol taxes are among those hardest for our elected officials to avoid:

And thank you in advance, Sens. Kennedy and Dodd, for personally raising enough tax money so that Little Jimmy can finally get that operation. Indeed, you probably raised enough just by the end of that closed-door (hic!) meeting.

A grand tradition going back to the days of Wilbur Mills!

Kay Bell has more.

Link: Senate Finance White Paper on health care tax increase options.

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