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Fraud in the old hometown

February 09, 2009

This week's fraudulent tax preparer roundup at Russ Fox's place features a preparer who had an office just a few blocks from my urban-pioneer sister's house. Dewayne Preacely, who ran three tax preparation offices, including one at the 1400 block of Washington Street in Waukegan, IL, pleaded guilty to preparing false tax returns with fraudulent deductions:

According to court documents, Preacely was responsible for filing false tax returns of at least 67 clients from 2003 to 2006.

The returns had false information regarding deductions, business losses, dependents and child-care expenses, which allowed Preacely's clients to fraudulently claim tax refunds.

The office is in what passes for a historic neighborhood in Waukegan, as Jack Benny grew up there; he lived in the house marked "A" on the map below. The Personal Tax office is on the block labeled "B." Ray Bradbury also spent his childhood in this neighborhood.


By the miracle of Google Street View, you can see the block where Personal Tax was located. You can see why they located there, considering the other fine professional services providers on the block.


In spite of their difficulties, it appears that Personal Tax soldiers on, at least on the web ("You Relax, Let Us Do The Tax!"). I don't think I'd want to be one of the personal references listed on the site (Tight on cash, refer some friends and Rack in the Dough!!!!).

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Now that's just the kind of business Waukegan needs. :) I am very tempted look up which local pols got contributions from this fine establishment.

Contributions? You mean "referral fees," perhaps!

That address is not in or even near the historic district in Waukegan, which, though surrounded by drek, is fairly pretty.

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