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Rangel showing real leadership

January 08, 2009

House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel retains his commanding lead in the race for the Tax Update 2008 Taxpayer of the Year. Mr. Rangel, who distinguished himself by needing to hire a forensic accountant to figure his own taxes, has 63% of the vote so far in a six-man field.

The nearest competitor is Randy Nowak, who chose to deal with an IRS exam by hiring a "biker" named "The Reaper" to murder the IRS agent. I mean, who better to deal with a tax problem? Things went awry when "The Reaper" turned out to be the FBI agent, and Mr. Nowak now faces something much uglier than tax problems.

Polls remain open through Friday.

Who is the 2008 Taxpayer of the Year?
Charlie Rangel
Robert Beale
Randy Nowak
Helio Castroneves
Ron Isley
Bobby Fischer
None of the above free polls

More on the candidates here.

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