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Macho Macho tax blogs

November 24, 2008

So just how manly is tax blogging? So manly that it brings out the testosterone even on the distaff side, if the website is to be believed. This site guesses whether blogs are written by men or women using "artificial intelligence." So how "manly" is the, written by tax lawyer Kelly Erbe?

We think is written by a man (80%)

Hmmm. Artificial intelligence has a ways to go. You'd think "TaxGirl" would have some weight in the analysis, though technically Kelly can be a boys name too.

What about longtime female blog mainstay BenefitsBlog? 87% manly.

Kay Bell? 93% manly. Linda Beale? 88% manly. Roni Deutch? 84% manly.

So what about avowedly male tax blogs?

The TaxProf: 91% manly.
The TaxGuy? 98% manly.
Jim Maule: 81% manly.
Dan Shaviro: 92% manly.
Taxable Talk: 82% manly.
Tick Marks: 71% manly.
The Tax Lawyer: 72% manly.
The Wandering Tax Pro: 89% manly.

So are there any tax bloggers in touch with their feminine side? An unexpected one:

We think is written by a woman (62%)

It must be that picture of Kerry Kerstetter holding a cat (the full beard notwithstanding).

What about the Tax Update? We are 80% likely to be male, which puts us perilously close to metrosexuality. I'll work in some football references, or something.

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Joe this was a great laugh around the office. I just saw it myself and am still wiping my eyes. Very funny.

Where or how did you find

Joe, this is a hoot! My long-standing joke is that this is the first life I've lived as a woman. I guess Genderanalyzer picked up on that! I'll definitely share your analysis with my male and female readers!

That is hysterically funny!

To be fair, in the rural South where I was raised, Kelly is a boy's name and I was, in fact, named after a man that my parents knew (my dad was hoping for a boy).

Although I'm a little saddened that I'm not as manly as Kay. She and I will have to arm wrestle when we meet!

Glad you're using that time wisely, there, Dad. Way to set a good example for your kids. :-D

I'm glad you all enjoyed it! Except you, son; why are you reading this mindless trash instead of doing your homework??? :-)

I think I found it on Instapundit - I should have given him credit. Oops.

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