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April 01, 2008

A Texas court has ruled a $5 admittance tax to strip clubs to be a violation of constitional free speech rights, even though I'm not sure the performers talk all that much.

I have no special insights as to the constitutionality of the Texas tax, but I was struck by an argument made on behalf of the tax by Kelly Young, "a vice president with the Houston Area Women's Center." The tax was enacted to fund "sexual assault programs and health care for the uninsured." From the Houston Chronicle:

But Young said it made sense to collect a fee from strip club patrons.

"This is a business that typically has a higher ratio of women who work in the business, and this is a crime that typically has a higher rate of women as victims," she said.

From which we can assume that Ms. Young will support extending the tax to day-care providers, manicurists and nurses.

(Via the TaxProf)

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