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January 21, 2008

20070907-4.jpgThe first week of Wesley Snipes' tax evasion trial wrapped up with testimony from a former employee of his production company. Carmen Baker testified that Mr. Snipes told her to stop withholding from salaries. When she spoke to her own accountant, she opted to continue to pay her own taxes, which displeased Mr. Snipes. From

"I got called into the office, and I was told that I was being a difficult employee and told that I should not have called an accountant," she said. "He said, 'If you're not going to play along with the game plan, then you need to find employment elsewhere.'"

Baker remained with the company for three more years, she added.

Russ Fox doesn't think the trial is going well form Mr. Snipes:

To this observer who is, though, looking at the trial from 3000 miles away, it doesn't look like Mr. Snipes had a good week. First, Mr. Snipes went to trial in a locale which he has previously described as "racist," Ocala, Florida. An attorney that Mr. Snipes supposedly dismissed showed up as one of his attorneys, too. Second, the prosecution has presented evidence showing that Mr. Snipes' previous accountant, Kenneth Starr, told him that the idea that he didn't have to pay income tax on his millions of dollars of income was laughable.


At this point the only thing we know about the defense is that they plan on calling character witnesses such as Barbara Walters and Muhammad Ali. I think they're going to need a lot more than that for Mr. Snipes to avoid spending significant time at ClubFed.

The trial resumes tomorrow.

UPDATE: More from the White Collar Crime Prof Blog.

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Income tax is totally unconstitutional. Many people have fought it and won against the IRS. The media just won't broadcast it. But the media will always broadcast some who loses against the IRS to teach the masses a lesson. People you have the power to overthrow this oppresive government, but you must turn off your televisions and read the constitution and study your founding fathers. The old saying goes, "if you do not study history, you will be doomed to repeat it." The unconstitutional income tax we have today and the private Federal Reserve bank has turned us all literally into slaves and we don't even know it. How Clever.... Jon

Jon's argument has several flaws, starting with the part of the constitution (the 16th Amendment) that specifically authorizes an income tax (and don't start in with the nonsense about how the 16th Amendment wasn't ratified, etc.).

That said - even if you buy such foolish theories, you need to remember that the IRS, the Justice Department, the U.S. Marshal Service, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, along with every federal judge at every level, believe the income tax is constitutional and valid. When deciding how or whether to file a return, their view should carry more weight than Jon's.

For all of you who believe everything you read and want to condemn an innocent man... check out the real story on the government's key witness in the Snipes trial! SHE LIED ON THE STAND!! Now this is injustice!

Joe Kristan,

You may be under a misconception, the issue is not whether the tax code is legal as written, it is. The issue is whether it applies to you, me, or Mr Snipes. You need to go no further than 2 Supreme court decisions to find out this answer, NO. The issue is not that Congress does not have the power to tax us, but that they specifically did NOT tax us plain folk. You should also note that the FED Reserve and the IRS are peas in a pod. In fact, while many good Americans believe they are doing some civic duty by paying taxes, the fact is that the monies are primarily flowing out to private foreign bankers as interest on the national debt. The FED is neither federal nor a reserve. The IRS is the collections arm of the FED, while politicians are the marketing and sales branch. Do your own study, then comment.

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