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September 29, 2006

The IRS is holding an auction at 1915 Main Street, Kansas City:

This sale will attract all kinds! We have restaurant equipment and supplies along with a DJs dream. We have over 50 items of lighting equipment, stereo equipment and other sound equipment. We have fog machines and even an entire stage or two of game show equipment. These assets are the contents of 5; yes count them, 5 bars.

I think maybe it will attract all kinds. A web search of "1915 Main Street Kansas City" reveals that this was the address of the "DB Warehouse Complexx." A search for that shows that this wasn't exactly a family entertainment complex. Or complexx:

click image to enlarge

This place was apparently home to the "Heart of America Leather Contests," an event that seems unlikely to now move to the Iowa State Fairgrounds, based on what I see from their website (not necessarily work-safe, depending on your employer). Here's a bio of one of the contest judges:


I'm not sure what any of this means, but something makes me think she would make a good IRS agent. Which makes me wonder - would this have been a better deal for the IRS if they just kept the place open as an IRS subsidiary? After all, who knows more about recreational pain infliction?

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Hmmm...couldn't help noticing that you posted the bio of the *only* female in the bunch.

Freudian slip (or corset)?

Does your wife know you followed that link!?

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