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February 13, 2006

Reader Bob Buckley kindly informs me that the Tax Update is mentioned in this morning's Wall Street Journal:

This Des Moines, Iowa, accounting firm runs a blog mixing discussion of legislative news with practical advice for filers. December, for example, featured a series on year-end tax planning, with posts on the ins and outs of gift-tax rules, contributing to college savings plans, prepaying state and local taxes and other topics. Some of the posts are specific to Iowa, but most have a broader appeal.

If you've been to an Iowa State Fair funnel-cake stand, you know that anything that appeals to Iowans has a broad audience, at least horizontally.

The WSJ piece also mentions The TaxProf Blog, Professor Maule, and The piece is on page R-10 in the paper edition today - the Technology section, in the "Blog Watch." If you are an online WSJ subscriber (it's worth it), you can go directly to the piece here.

If you are a visiting WSJ reader, welcome! You can return via the easier-to-remember url ""

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