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November 10, 2005

badguycowboy.gifThe tax people at the Department of Justice are seeking an injunction agains tax protest promoter Charles Conces, proprietor of the "Lawmen" web site. The DOJ press release says:

The complaint alleges that Conces helps customers to file so-called "zero" federal income tax returns that falsely report no income, sells an attachment to be used on zero returns, and sells frivolous letters, forms, and lawsuit papers for his customers to use to threaten IRS employees and obstruct the administration and enforcement of the tax laws. The complaint alleges that Conces promotes his scheme through e-mail groups, web sites, an Internet bulletin board, seminars, and meetings of his organization. He allegedly charges customers $25 to $330 for his scheme.

Those prices seem to be borne out by the handy price list at Mr. Conces's "Lawmen" web site, which features the animated authority figure at the top of this post:

1) Statement Of Facts letters for IRS agent, banks, and employers... $75

2) Statutes At Large study proving there is no law... $100

3) 20 Page report on liability ... free

4) "A" series of letters for county... $25

5) "B" series of letters for IRS agent... $25

6) "C" series of letters for IRS agent... free

7) "D" series of letters on filing W-4 exempt... $25

8) My newest series "E" letters if you have a notice of lien on your property AND they are levying on your wages... $25 (Note: We got a letter from the IRS for one of our LAWMEN entitled "We Released The Taxpayer Levy")

9) How To File Lawsuit In District Court... free

10) Winning In Court... free

11) 3 Lawsuit Samples For US District Court... $100 each

12) Affidavit Of Fact for lawsuits... comes with lawsuits

13) Affidavit Of Non-Liability for state or federal... free

14) Letters to townships on ordinances... free

15) Mich Court ruling on property seizure... free

16) State Letters on income tax... free

17) All materials available for...$330

An alert reader might ask: if this stuff works, why do I need anything after the first letter? This material progresses from initial IRS contact to lawsuits to property seizures. With each purchase, your legal situation is more dire. If you end up fighting property seizures, it seems that these things don't work very well. You can buy tax trouble all the way from the initial contact by IRS to the auction of your possessions, all for just $330 -- but why would you do such a thing? Per the Lawmen site:

All of this information is predicated on the belief that we still have a system of law and it is only necessary to obtain justice in our courts by doing the correct filings and using the correct arguements. Many people are not equiped to do this and if you find that your county has violated the rights of many of the citizens, then it is suggested that you do a class action lawsuit. You will have to contact those people and have them get a copy of the illegal notice of federal tax lien on their property and appoint someone in charge. Then the LAWMEN will assist you in any way we can.

If you think that all this is not possible, you should resign from the LAWMEN and learn how to lick boots. It will come in handy for you.

So remember, unless you follow the Lawmen's tax advice until the Sheriff sells your stuff at auction to pay your back taxes, you're a bootlicking lackey. Just so you know.

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