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September 27, 2006

Welcome to this edition of the Cavalcade of Risk. Thanks to Hank Stern of InsureBlog for this opportunity to host this growing blog carnival covering risks, risk management, and the like.

cor1.jpgI'm Joe Kristan, a CPA and a shareholder of Roth & Company, P.C. of Des Moines, practicing in tax. We're a one-office CPA firm of 30-odd accountants with clients across Iowa and beyond.We serve mostly private businesses, community banks, and their owners. I suppose I'm a form of risk management for my clients. Des Moines is an insurance Mecca, so we live and breathe risk management here, in a way.

This blog covers my corner of the tax world. I'd love you to come back; you can use the easy-to-remember url "" to visit the main blog page.

This week I'm organizing the Cavalcade by rough categories. If you don't like the way I've done this, Hank is looking for hosts for future editions, so contact him and show us how it's done. Now let's get to it.


Mr. Stern himself has our first entry. It seems that some electronic medical storage outfits withhold access to the records for doctors who don't pay their bills (logically enough). So what happens if you are in the ER and the doc can't remember if your allergy is for peanuts or penicillin? Find out at Insureblog.cor2.jpg

Joseph Paduda at Managed Care Matters thinks Health Savings Accounts aren't going to rescue many folks from the ranks of the uninsured.

I'll just note that the evidence is at least conflicting on that score.

I weigh in on a GAO report on HSAs that I find somewhat lame.

Ouch! The Risk Free System blog reports that circumcision can reduce the risk of contracting HIV. If you haven't had it done already, you'll probably seek another path to prevention.

The CardioBlog has some thoughts on managing your risk of heart disease using a "holistic approach."
What does this mean?

The key to preventing heart disease is simple -- living a relaxed, happily productive and satisfying life, full of love and generosity.

Try forgiving someone, especially yourself if you miss a day of exercise or eat something you like that isn't so good for you.

Sounds good. I'm going to relax with a satisfying cheeseburger and forgive them for putting bacon on it.

cor3.jpgBlogging For Cancer reports that some drugs used to treat prostate cancer may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. As risks go, though, it still beats adult circumcision.

Blogging for cancer? Contrarian, to say the least.

Learn about the surprisingly high risk of sudden athletic cardiac death at Art De Vany. I'm glad I'm not athletic.


Tracy Coenen at Fraudfiles talks about her recent visit to New Orleans, perhaps America's greatest uninsurable risk.


Bob Sargent presents Surplus Lines Report posted at Insurance Agents E&O - Flood Exposure.

Did you know that the surplus lines market has outperformed the overall industry by an average of approximately 10 points?

The China Business Services blog addresses risk management issues in the PRC.


LA Money Guy brings us a disturbing tale of the Jury Duty Phishing Scam at It's Just Money.cor4.jpg

Feel bad about that 75 cents you lost in the candy machine? It could be worse - $5 billion worse. Scott at Scott on Money explains how one Brian Hunter lost $5 billion trading natural gas. I don't think it was a hedge, somehow.

Steve Faber presents Money What Matters is How Much You Keep posted at DebtBlog. Good advice for building wealth.

Does a riskier society generate higher rewards? Thoughts at RiskProf blog.

Jeffrey Miller at A Dash of Insight talks about an approach to "portfolio insurance."

The Global Growth Investor discusses how much risk you should take in your trading account. Is investing just another game of poker?


Michael F. Cannon talks about the Medicare quality quagmire at the cato@liberty blog.


At Wenchypoo's Warehouse, Wenchypoo talks about "Corporate Sponsorship of Home Decor." Does a house full of free stuff increase your insurance needs?

Julie Ferguson presents America's Great Wall: A Modest Proposal posted at Workers Comp Insider, saying, "When it comes to attempts to control the influx of illegal immigrant workers across our borders, Jon Coppelman agrees with poet Robert Frosts's observation that "Something there is that doesn't love a wall."


John Buehler presents Rebuilding Eden - The 3rd Channel » The Selling of America posted at Rebuilding Eden. From his post:

Add to this the fact that as the value of our dollar continues to decline, nations who hold a large amount of U.S. dollar denominated debt will be encourage to trade them in for things of real value. I forsee this trend continuing for some time to come.

Mr. Buehler worries about those foreigners buying all of our good stuff. At least it has its built-in revenge; the financial assets they are buying are also dollar-denominated, so if Mr. Buehler is right, they're suckers, because the stuff they're buying will continue to decline. In any case, I for one welcome our new alien insurance overlords to Des Moines.

Finally: why does Des Moines have so many insurance companies? These photos don't even include all of the insurance headquarters I passed on my lunch-hour stroll yesterday. I have no idea how they all got here, but if the weather were always as nice here as it was yesterday nobody would want to live in San Diego. Except maybe for the ocean part.

Thanks for stopping by the Cavalcade. Watch the amazing for the next issue of the Cavalcade of Risk. And stop back at the Tax Update Blog anytime.

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Absolutely outstanding job! The pictures really make it pop, too.

Who knew Iowa was that attractive?


Hank you aren't trying to start some Iowa-OSU smack this week are you?

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