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November 30, 2011


Congratulations to, the Tax Analysts group blog, for winning the vote as the "LexisNexis Top Tax Law Blog for 2011." While my vote goes to the TaxProf Blog, with the Tax Update Blog as my second pick, has excellent contributors.

I hope the honor inspires the six(?) bloggers to post a little more. They have generated 10 whole posts so far in November. Maybe they feel they make it up in quality, but quantity is important in blogging. During the same period the one Tax Update contributor put up 71 posts, while the TaxProf generated 223 posts, by my count. Step it up, guys!

By the way, Barney is safe in an undisclosed location.

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"10 whole posts so far in November."

I had refrained from mentioning this at IB (didn't want to sound all sour grapey), but I noticed this with the Insurance Law Blog "competition." Among the winners, several had not written posts in over two months.

The explanation we were given was essentially that the winners' writing style was more important than content or quantity ("fits our community"). Which is fine - just wish that had been made clear at the outset.

So I feel for you - and am VERY proud of you for making the Top 20.

Hank, thanks. Considering how these contests go, isn't a bad choice. It could be awesome if they would post more -- especially if Lee Sheppard and some of the other people joined in. But I can't take these things too seriously; these awards can be pretty fickle. Sometimes I think they just start with "A" until they get to their number.

Joe, it takes a MidWesterner to graciously cede kudos to TaxProf Blog, over the fast paced Tax Update Blog. LexisNexis has their own opinion on the top tax blog, and, to their credit, it is one of the few things they don't charge for. As to, I had high hopes when Tax Analysts launched "the tax daily for the citizen taxpayer," but their blog posts seem mostly policy-focused, journalistic lobbying in essence, rather than practical tax reading for citizen-taxpayers. In truth, Tax Update Blog is the ideal for citizen-taxpayers.

And thanks for sparing Barney.

Jake, thanks!

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