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Senate votes to repeal health care bill's 1099 expansion

February 03, 2011

The Senate yesterday voted to repeal the expansion of information reporting contained in last year's Obamacare legislation. It's looking more and more likely that this widely-hated expansion of information reporting will never happen.

Kay Bell and TaxGrrrl have more. Meanwhile, Linda Beale explains what's really going on:

I'm more and more convinced that it is not the deficit that the Republicans hollering for "entitlement reform" care about--it is that they just simply want to destroy all of the things that the New Deal did to provide a safety net for ordinary people, while making sure that they reinstate brute-force capitalism like existed in the 1920s, back when Teddy Roosevelt made his famous statement about the corporate titans and malefactors of great wealth.

Yes, the repeal of the 1099 expansion passed in 2010 is just a slippery step away from repealing Social Security and reintroducing the bonded servitude that Teddy Roosevelt battled heroically in the 1920s, after his death in 1919.

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