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Governor: no corporate giveaways but my corporate giveaways

April 13, 2010

Better wise late than never, I suppose.

Governor Culver is suddenly against corporate giveaways:

State Rep. Rod Roberts and Bob Vander Plaats, the party’s 2006 nominee for lieutenant governor, have called for eliminating the corporate tax. Former Gov. Terry Branstad has proposed cutting it in half.

Asked about the plans Friday, Culver said Iowans likely have other priorities.

"I think most Iowans, instead of more corporate giveaways, are going to be looking at expanding things like the Earned Income Tax credit that rewards work," the governor said in an interview with the Quad-City Times.

That's a bold statement for the man behind the Iowa Office of Energy Independence, which exists to give away money to corporations in the name of Greenness. It's a bold statement from a man who is a big fan of the "Grow Iowa Values Fund," another lobbyist pinata. It's a tremendous course change for the man who signed and administered the most famous of corporate giveaways, the Iowa Film Credits.

Well, the Governor didn't actually come out against these in the interview, but we'll assume that he's really against corporate giveaways now. Maybe he'll even outdo his Republican would-be opponents and embrace the Quick and Dirty Iowa Tax Reform.

(Via The Bean Walker)

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