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Good thing Congress banned the outsourcing of federal tax collections

July 21, 2009

Now that the IRS private collection program has been closed, all collection action is undertaken by IRS agents, who invariably perform at the highest level of professionalism. For example:

IRS agent Albert Bront, 49, of Valencia, California, screamed “I’m going to kill all of you!” when U.S. Treasury agents served a search warrant at his home as part of an investigation into whether Mr. Bront had filed false tax return. He is being held without bail pending a July 28 preliminary hearing in Los Angeles.

Peter Pappas has another tale of IRS professionalism, when an IRS collection agent approcached a client of his. The client e-mailed Mr. Pappas:

Well he came and went. He told me that I shouldn’t have hired an attorney and wanted to know how much I paid Mr. Pappas.

He then began interrogating me and asking me detailed questions about my intentions, my finances and how I came to own the business.

I repeatedly told him that I was represented by an attorney and he continued to say that I didn’t need one and that I should not have hired one.

Mr. Pappas' complaints to the IRS and his congresscritters have produced no results. Could the private sector ever match that level of professionalism?

UPDATE, 1/7/2011: Mr. Bront has pleaded guilty.

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Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. Mencken Henry Louis

How pathetic is it that the greatest country founded on the principles of individual freedom, liberty and the presumption of innocence, has degenerated to a point where imbeciles with an I.Q. of a shoe size (yes, I do mean you Joe Kristan) cast aspersions about people they know absolutely nothing about based solely upon lies and propaganda of the omnipotent big brother.
Joe the moron, had you even tried scratching the surface of the story that you cobbled together about Mr. Bront, you would have found out that Mr. Bront was not a collection agent, but an International Examiner with 26 years of loyal, dedicated and devoted service at the highest level, a slew of performance awards and hundreds of millions of dollars in additional tax revenues generated for the very same agency that, based upon a libelous claim of a jilted, envious, crazy and Prozac taking ex-wife, used Gestapo tactics to provoke an altercation during the execution of the illegally obtained search warrant.
Did you know that after the alleged threat Mr. Bront was not arrested, but told that he could drive to have breakfast and come back in a couple of hours while the search was concluded, all while his wife was interrogated and held imprisoned inside the house against her will and not allowed to leave or speak to anyone.
I’d bet you also did not know, since the cretins that leaked the story to you and the rest of the drive by media morons did not divulge this fact, that Mr. Bront was not arrested until some 2 hours after the alleged threat, in order to cover up for the abuse of power and waste of thousands of dollars in scarce resources because the Nazi bastards found absolutely nothing incriminating during the illegal search of his residence. Mr. Bront was arrested on trumped-up charges of threatening to kill federal agents, who intentionally provoked the altercation by not identifying themselves or providing the Search Warrant before breaking into Mr. Bront’s residence and Mr. Bront’s constitutional rights against undue searches, false imprisonment et. al. were grossly violated by the lawless criminals with badges.

I only wish that in the near future the same mother ------- show up at yours and your relatives' homes at 6 am on a Monday morning and begin to ransack it without as much as uttering a word or producing the Warrant ...
The hamburger chomping, malleable morons of your ilk, no doubt, have been licking their fingers from the juicy tidbit you posted about the 'rogue' IRS agent, but a simpleton like you would not even deign, or has the mental acumen, to find or print the truth.

Hey Paul,

You can get up off your knees now.

this guy Paul is spot on, really close to the mark, he must have read the actual paperwork, at least some of it, good job Paul. Now, if you read all the paperwork and you also worked within the agency, with Albert, you would agree even further with Paul. I will close with this comment and telling clue; you guys do the math, " a woman scorned is .........."

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