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Seven years for Ramona

December 16, 2008

Ramona Cunningham, the central figure in the CIETC scandal, received a seven-year sentence yesterday on federal charges stemming from her management of the jobs-training agency. The scandal featured pre-dawn dumpster runs, salacious stories of affairs between Ms. Cunningham and two CIETC directors, and an admission by another director - a Des Moines city council member - that he served as a mere "rubber stamp" for Ms. Cunningham.

CIETC was an obscure "jobs training agency" that managed to generate compensation of over $300,000 per year for Ms. Cunningham and two other agency employees - one who was convicted for her role and another who pleaded guilty. Ms. Cunningham was a high-school dropout who completed her GED. It just goes to show how smart we are here: even Iowa's GEDs are highly-paid executives.


Ramona Cunningham and Senator Tom Harkin in happier times at the dedication of the CIETC Tom Harkin Learning Center.

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