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September 02, 2008

Arnold Kling, half of the mighty EconLog duo, demonstrates his wisdom with "My Campaign Season Pledge." A taste:

To me, political campaigns are not sacred events, to be eagerly anticipated and avidly followed. They are brutal assaults on reason. I look forward to election season about as much as a gulf coast resident looks forward to hurricane season. Meanwhile, I pledge the following:

1. That no politician will end America's consumption of foreign oil. Ever.

2. That no politician will figure out a way to bring the bottom half of America's children up to the level where they can benefit from a college education.

3. That no politician will figure out a way to make American health care--meaning virtually unlimited access to specialists and technology--affordable for everyone.

Go read it all, take it to heart, and remember how you can tell when a politician is lying: his lips begin to move.

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