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August 05, 2008

From today's Des Moines Register:

A leading Iowa business group said last week the state budget "is in no position" to deal with an economic downturn or respond to the flood emergency, thanks to the additional spending by the governor and Legislature during the regular legislative session.

The Iowa Taxpayers Association, a tax-policy group not affiliated with the Muscatine-based Iowans for Tax Relief, released an analysis of the state budget approved by the Legislature.

The report says that the Legislature has raided a number of trust funds for general spending, including the Senior Living fund, the Environnment First Fund, the Health Care Trust Fund and the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund

It takes real leadership to put subsidies for Microsoft, Google, and Hollywood ahead of repairing dilapidated bridges and rebuilding washed-out roads.


(Photo via KCRG and Side Notes.

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