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June 03, 2008


TaxGrrrl notes an article saying that Jodie Foster is responsible for ushering in the modern era of income tax:

How so? It’s tricky so follow me on this one…

Jodie Foster starred in Taxi Driver. In that movie, Robert DeNiro attempted to assassinate a politician. John Hinckley was reportedly inspired by the movie to attempt to kill President Reagan - in order to impress the actress.

Mundell believes that the wave of sympathy for Reagan following the assassination attempt deterred Congress from voting against Reagan’s tax plan. The result was a 25% reduction in federal income taxes - a revolutionary change in our tax system.

But would Jodie have caught Mr. Hinkley's eye without the efforts of Travis Bickle?

The TaxProf has more.

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Dr Starling move over - I found Jodie Foster's next movie Oscar-winning role! Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor who wrote ""My Stroke of Insight"" and delivered a talk about it on that will knock your socks off! The video's been seen 5 million times and I understand why.

Taylor was a Harvard trained brain scientist who suffered a massive stroke. I don't think we'll ever hear a story like this - Taylor understands how the brain functions and she was able to observe her mind deteriorating. She writes about the euphoric nirvana and a sense of complete peace and well-being she discovered in her stroke! She talks about this in her incredible (don't miss it) talk on The book is great too - highly recommended. You'll learn how to 'step to the right of their left brain' to uncover a deep internal peace. Sign me up!

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