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February 07, 2008

If you are worried about global warming, maybe you want to rethink this ethanol stuff (WSJ $Link):

While the U.S. and others race to expand the use and production of biofuels, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests these gasoline alternatives will actually boost carbon-dioxide levels and thereby aggravate the problem of global warming.

A study published in the latest issue of Science finds that corn-based ethanol, instead of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by a hoped-for 20%, will nearly double the output of CO2 and other gases that trap the sun's heat. A separate paper in Science concludes that the clearing of native habitats around the world to grow more biofuel crops will lead to more carbon emissions, not less.

Oops. Maybe the time has come for clean, safe atomic power!

UPDATE: The Tax Policy Blog has more.

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Hey, a lot of times I can't tell when you serious and when you are joking.

Nuclear power simply won't exist in the US without huge government subisdies, such as the Price Anderson Act because, apparently, insurers don't believe the lobbyists. Go figure!

Only I need to know that!

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