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November 01, 2007

The Iowa Tax Amnesty ended on Halloween. So far the state hasn't filled its trick-or-treat bag:

The program, known as tax amnesty, ended at midnight Wednesday. State officials had hoped to collect $54 million in the program that began Sept. 4. As of 10 a.m. today, they had collected less than $10.5 million.

State revenue employees will continue to accept payments that were postmarked by the deadline, which could boost the total to as high as $16 to $20 million, said Stuart Vos, who is heading the amnesty program for the Department of Revenue.

Which state officials thought they would collect $54 million? It would to know who missed the mark so badly.

The state collected $35 million in the amnesty program in 1985, the last time it was used.

And the last time it was used, you could pay under the amnesty and still contest the tax. The new amnesty didn't let you do that. And they're surprised it's less popular now?

The next amnesty program cannot take place before 2025, according to state law.

Unless, of course, they enact another amnesty.

The current state budget counts on $16 million from the amnesty. It looks like even that will be a close call.

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