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May 30, 2007

The New York Times reports:

Federal prosecutors have decided not to bring criminal charges against the accounting firm of Ernst & Young over its work with questionable tax shelters, but will instead bring criminal charges against four employees today, people close to the case said.

The Ernst & Young employees to be charged by federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York are Robert Coplan, Richard Shapiro, Martin Nussbaum and Brian Vaughn, according to these people.

The prosecutors seem to be taking a more low-key approach here than they did with their indictment of 17 people, mostly former partners and employees of KPMG, coupled with a "deferred prosecution agreement" that made major changes to the KPMG tax practice. The KPMG case has run into trouble, with the presiding judge unhappy with prosecution tactics. Perhaps the Justice Department's more subdued approach to the E&Y case is a result of their problems in the KPMG matter.

UPDATE: Indictments announced.

UPDATE II: The TaxProf has a link roundup.

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