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April 26, 2007

The Iowa Senate shamelessly sold its soul for a mess of servers yesterday, passing a package of tax breaks (HF 912) for the company with a motto of "Do no evil, but it's ok to shake down the states for giveaways." ZDNet has more:

Google is playing its you need us more than we need you card with the Iowa state legislature, and seems to have a winning Googley hand. Not only has Google once again achieved its Google only special "top secret" government privileges, it has apparently succeeded in wooing a legislative representative to serve as a prime Google spokesperson, Senator Bill Dotzler, a Democrat from Waterloo.

According to Dotzler, the trend now is away from having a computer with all the bells and whistles the software programs and toward "server farms" which give computer users access to a wide variety of options they'd be hard-pressed to store on a single computer.

Senator Dotzler has to be on the top of the list of every business that wants to be subsidized by Iowa taxpayers since he led the charge for the recently-passed filmmaker subsidy. But he is an expert on this sort of technology, clearly:

Dotzler has undoubtedly been well coached by Google:

"Really, the biggest problem with these server farms is the heat that's generated in them. Just one server panel generates the equivalent of a seven-foot-high pile of toaster ovens, so can you imagine the amount of heat?"

Google has buried the legislature in seven feet of something, but it's not toaster ovens.

Follow the progress of all Iowa tax legislation at our 2007 Iowa Tax Legislation page.

UPDATE: More on Google's shakedown history.

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