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August 24, 2006

As promised, bitter blogger Daniel Shaviro took his turn at the Murphy decision, the one that ruled that taxing personal non-physical damages was a constitutional violation. Bitter? Bitter and personal:

Ginsburg has one policy-minded hobby horse in the opinion. He abhors the idea that, under the Sixteenth Amendment, Congress can define income however it damn pleases. But again, if common sense were permitted under his theory of judging (if his biases can even be dignified with such a term), he would recognize that this (simply including gross and net receipts of cash) is not the place where policing by the courts is needed to make sure that our government remains one of limited and enumerated powers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Maule takes on a correspondent who unwisely suggested that the doctor's initial post was so off-base that he should take it down. You can view the massacre here.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog has also finally noticed the excitement in the tax blogosphere. The Taxprof notes that big-time media is also picking up the story.

Academic response to Murphy is overwhelmingly negative, but if you want to hear a few good words about it, visit the comments at the TaxProf's place.

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