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November 13, 2002

On the second day after the end of his term as IRS Commissioner, Charles Rossotti heartily endorsed his former employer by saying the IRS is "not quite falling apart."

According to Tax Analysts, Rossotti put the IRS's difficulties in an unusual perspective:

"'I don't think we're in a current crisis,' Rossotti said, adding that compared to the worldwide AIDS epidemic, the IRS's problems are 'much more solvable.'"

He might have added that compared to the challenges we would face were Earth invaded by shape-shifting brain-eaters from the planet Zargon, the IRS really has no problems at all. Then again, people might have thought he was suddenly talking about the Osbourne family.

As we have noted, the recruiters trying to hire the next IRS Commissioner will probably try to keep former Commissioners out of the process.

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